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This company has been conceved for providing you with an evolved and balanced kin of tourism; offering more than a 100 options for coming to Peru and really getting to feel the magic of this millenary culture. Within this web site you will find diferent trip styles such as adventurous, cultural, ecological, and mystical, and you´ll even find options to create your own itinerary.
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José Antonio Carrión Cantuarias


This enigmatic land, where time has remained still for thousands of years, longs for you coming to explore its ton of different landscapes..., beginning from its beautiful Pacific Ocean , sailing to its rich wild life islands, inhaling peace at the silent sight of thousands of waving dunes along its impressing tropical coastal desert, passing through oasis, valleys and relaxing beaches, to later continue up to the spectacular Andes, the highest tropical mountain range in the world, paradise to trekking lovers and mountain climbers..., beyond its Andes, we finally reach its Amazon rain forest, home to the largest variety of bird species in the world, not to mention its more than 80% of existing life zones on earth, thus, we can honestly state, “Peru has been blessed with most of climates, most of life zones, and most of landscapes on earth”, trust us on this!!!


In the fall of 2003, a group of friends and I arranged to travel to Peru. We wanted to do the Inca Trail, and then go to the Amazon.

There were 13 people in our group, and our guide for the entire trip was Jose Antonio Carrion Cantuarias. I have traveled extensively throughout the world, both with guided tours, and by myself. The trip with Jose was one of the most delightful trips that I have ever been on.

Jose has a great knowledge of the history and background of the places that we visited, always answering our questions with prompt information. He was very enjoyable to be around, always cheerful and fun, but always very organized with all of our travel arrangements.
I would very much like to travel with Jose Carrion again, and would highly recommend anyone to take a tour with him.
You may contact me if you have any questions about Jose and his terrific guiding experience.
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